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Shed 60kg a year for the environment

The average Australian goes through on average 60 kilograms of plastic every year

Our fast and hectic lifestyles revolve around take away food and coffee, bottled water and other beverages.

Much of our supermarket produce comes in plastic and we place our shopping and other goods in plastic bags. Look around you, there is plastic everywhere. Tonnes of plastic pollution is entering the environment every year, with what we are now only beginning to understand, are catastrophic effects, particularly on our oceans and marine life.

As a cafe owner, I became increasingly aware of the amount of single use plastic that was walking out my door. Takeaway plastic containers, coffee cups lids, plastic cutlery and carry bags. Over the past twelve months I have made concerted efforts to reduce our carbon foot print at Red Relish.

  • First was getting rid of plastic drinking straws. These have been replaced with stainless steel straws and paper straws. 
  • We also now use compostable takeaway coffee cups and lids. We have a strict policy of no takeaway cups for in-house consumption.
  • Recently we have ditched all single use plastic. 
  • Our takeaway meals are now served in in sturdy cardboard trays and our cutlery is made from bamboo
  • All our soft drinks are in recycled plastic or are predominantly glass
  • We also encourage by way of discount pricing, our customers bringing their own reusable containers and keep cups. 

I am encouraged by the support from our local community with what we are doing here.

Together we can make a difference.

Sue Cordina

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